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An Anti- Inflammatory Mindset

By Paige Bradley-Pecoul

WED FEB 10, 2021

“Everything is moving from subtle to gross.” ~ Enoch Dasa Giri

In the early 2000’s, I attended a yoga retreat in Woodlands, Illinois. I was just beginning to study yoga more in depth. I was new to a lot of the non-pose parts of the practice. One night in lecture, Enoch Dasa Giri was explaining the ways in which things become manifest. “Everything is moving from the subtle to the gross.”, he said. “This is the way things come to be.”

Fast forward nearly 20 years. I am studying inflammation in the body, and this teaching returns to me. If everything is moving from the subtle to the gross, then, the inflammation in the body arises from a more subtle realm. What happens in the mind matters to the body. In this line of thinking it becomes entirely possible that our worries, anxieties and resentments play a role in our physical health. 

If we are to truly heal our bodies, we need to cultivate an anti - inflammatory mindset. 

This will require putting down worries and resentments, embracing forgiveness, and cultivating gratitude.

To begin this shift towards an anti-inflammatory mindset, remember the Self. If everything is moving from the subtle to the gross, then you, too, came from a more subtle realm, the realm of spirit or soul. According to the yogis, the Self is whole, complete, and perfect.

While the contents of the mind may fluctuate, and the body may undergo changes, Self remains whole, complete and perfect. Changes are happening to your body, not to you. Thoughts are moving through your mind, they are not you. Once there is little distance between you and these fluctuations, things become less personal. 

“The Self does not age, no matter the age of the body. Self is never tired, worried, confused or lost, even if your mind is tired and worried. ~ Acharya Shunya

To cultivate an anti-inflammatory mindset, remember the Self. 

Shanti and Prema (Peace and Love),