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Choose to Expand

By Paige Bradley-Pecoul

WED NOV 11, 2020

Greetings friends,

I’d like to invite you to take a deep breath in. Let the breath fill your belly, expand your ribs, and lift your chest. Now, let all that breath out. Notice if the next breath feels a little deeper and more expansive. Can you feel yourself starting to relax?

Relaxation is expansive.

When we are in a stress response, we contract. I know that for many days in a row over the last couple of weeks, I was braced for impact. First, Hurricane Zeta, then an extended power outage, then election madness. The effect was that physically and energetically, I felt smaller and more compact, as though the whole of me had been compressed. Even my awareness became limited.

This feeling can creep in after a busy day of checking boxes and completing tasks. It can descend on us as we fill up on news and social media. It can become the norm if we don’t periodically counter it by intentionally creating space.

To create a sense of expansion in your energy field, take conscious breaths. Begin as we did above and let your awareness rest on the breath until it’s depth and rhythm has revealed itself to you. Sense into your breathing body as it expands.

To create space in your physical body, move to the rhythm of your breath. Reach, bend, extend your limbs, and fold your body into different shapes, all while breathing with awareness. Let the breath lead and the body follow. As stale stuck energy moves out you will begin to feel lighter and more open.

To create space in your mind, cease taking in information. Sit in silence. Let the mind wander. Watch your breath ebb and flow. Take it a step further and empty your mind onto paper by journaling, or create a voice journal. Color, draw or paint. Become a producer rather than a consumer and feel the mind open and clear. Allow this openness to bring you into a larger field of awareness.

When we contract and stay small, we become stagnant. When we expand, we become conduits of life force and creative energy. Our ability to make connections with others also expands. Our bodies become more efficient.

Check in with yourself throughout the day. If you feel contracted, remember, you can choose to expand.

Shanti and prem (peace and love),