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Exhale into Spring

By Paige Bradley-Pecoul

WED MAR 24, 2021

“Spring requires letting go. Allow the blossoming of your true nature, and thrive.”

~ Acharya Shunya

Ahhhh, Spring! How welcome are the warmer days and blossoming flowers? I have been delighted to see the Amaryllis breaking through the soil, and all the dandelions popping up along the route I walk. This awakens within me a desire to freshen up and create space for something new to emerge.

Do you feel it, too? Do you feel something arising within you, ready to break through the surface? Do you feel the need to shed some layers, and clean your house?

Ayurveda teaches that we are not apart from nature, but rather, a part of nature. Therefore, what is happening in the outer ecosystem is happening within you. You are experiencing your own internal Spring!

Pause now, and watch the breath cycle. Observe that the deeper you exhale, the more fully you inhale. It is the same with your body and mind! If you allow for a release of toxins, extra winter weight, and mental clutter (exhaling), you can better experience your internal Spring as the creative impulse it is (inhaling).

My Clean and Clear Spring Reboot is modeled after the breath cycle.

We are saturated from the experiences, emotions, and heavy foods of winter. The exhale portion of the cleanse cycle involves releasing busyness by slowing down, reducing density by eating lighter, and clearing internal clutter by eating less. The shedding of toxins is encouraged through salt baths, dry brushing, gentle movement, and enjoying herbal formulas, teas, and water. Decluttering the mind and digesting emotions happens through journaling, sitting in silence, and avoiding excessive stimuli.

The result of this big exhale is a delicious experience of lightness and space in the body and mind.This space is ripe with possibility. I like to explore it until I get a good idea of what I want to do, create, and experience next. Then, time to inhale!