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Prajnaparadha (Opposition to the Self)

By Paige Bradley-Pecoul

WED APR 28, 2021

In Ayurveda, the number one cause of disease is prajnaparadha, or, misuse of the intellect.

Humans are highly evolved creatures. We move through our days collecting information about what is agreeable to us, and what is not. When we don’t apply what we have learned to make better future choices, we are misusing our intellect and acting in opposition to our own best interest. We all do this to some degree. Continuing to eat food that doesn’t agree with the body is one example. Continuing to stay awake long after the body has signaled fatigue is another. Not getting up to go to the bathroom is yet another.

Cultivating the habit of being in cooperation with yourself is a pillar of a healthy life. Becoming aware of your needs and responding to them is the opposite of prajnaparadha.

I believe that each of us knows what we need to truly thrive.

This wisdom can only be sourced from within. If you feel disconnected from your internal wisdom, know that it is completely possible to become sensitive to your needs, to live in harmony with and responsiveness to your body, and be the authority on what is best for you. When you take responsibility for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, you step through the doorway to ever greater health and vitality.

Do you have a habit of acting in opposition to yourself? See if you can catch yourself in the act and cooperate with yourself instead. Implementing one small behavior change at a time can shift you from a disease promoting life, to a health promoting life.

Yours in thrive,