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Pratipaksha Bhavanam

By Paige Bradley-Pecoul

WED MAY 26, 2021

"Whatever you think, think the opposite." Paul Arden

Are you having the any of following experiences right now?

  • Feeling that things are changing fast.
  • Feeling that you need to adapt (again).
  • Feeling awkward as you navigate new territory in parenting and work.
  • Feeling awkward as you adjust to new social norms.

Me too!

My default setting during transitional times is to get frustrated. I have learned, though, that doing so is not really useful. It isn’t helpful. It doesn’t serve.

There is a yogic practice called ”pratipaksha bhavanam” where you catch yourself in a negative thought pattern, and think the opposite. Rather than focus on where I misstepped, I decided to look for where I had done something worthwhile, said something relevant, or made even a small amount of progress in aligning with the new, new normal.

Try it.

Look back on your week so far. Let whatever memories come through come, and whatever feelings arise, arise. Notice what is there. Are you falling into judgement, blame, or shame? Take a few deep breaths. Reorient towards your successes, however small. See where you showed strength, flexibility, resiliency, or a willingness to evolve. Appreciate your efforts, see the good, offer yourself appreciation and grace.

This is a quick, effective technique to change the tone of your thoughts and shift your energy. You will feel lighter and more positive. You will still need to apply yourself to understanding the challenges you are facing and how to meet them, but the energy you bring to it will be of a higher quality.

You can do this! All of it! You’re amazing.

Much love,