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Staying Steady in Stressful Times

By Paige Bradley-Pecoul

WED SEP 01, 2021

“We are always in one of two states. We are either in a disaster, or in between disasters.” - Lama Marut

Lama Marut goes on to explain that what we do during the in-between time, will determine how well we handle the next crisis when it comes, because, it will inevitably come.

This week it came for South Louisiana in the form of Hurricane Ida. To anyone displaced by her, or dealing with the aftermath of her passage, my heart goes out to you. May you, your power, and your property be swiftly restored. Aho!

In my own life, I have found Lama Marut’s statement to be true. Spending time creating daily rituals, and learning to regulate my nervous system, have been two very good investments of time. I’d like to share some of the ways I handle stressful times with you so that when your challenge comes, whether as a natural disaster, a diagnosis, job loss, or other life event, you will have tools in your toolbox, and know how to use them.

Things you can do to remain steady in times of stress or upheaval:

  • Stick to your routine as much as possible. If you drink water first thing every morning, do that. If you walk every evening, do that. Bring as much of your daily routine with you as you can.
  • Get out of your head. We channel stress in and through the body. Move, stretch, breathe, and tune into sensation.
  • Connect to nature. Time in nature is medicine. Simply witnessing a sunrise or sunset can be a healing balm for frayed nerves.

Things you can do in between times of stress or upheaval:

  • Create a daily routine that supports deep rest and nourishment.
  • Learn techniques to regulate your nervous system, such as yoga, breathwork meditation, mindful movement and self massage.
  • Find a community that supports your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

You can build yourself up to be more resilient, more stable, and more at ease during trying times. You can be the most grounded person in the room during a crisis.

May you always be steady and at ease,

Much love,