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Tips for a Mindful Holiday

By Paige Bradley-Pecoul

WED NOV 25, 2020

Welcome to the holidays!

This is the week when the season gets into full swing. Though many of us are doing things a little differently this year, it is still an entry point into festivities and indulgences that may carry on into the new year. My hope is with a few tips and tricks, you can have a mindful holiday that ushers you into the new year in good health and in a body you want to be in.

A mindful holiday season is about balance. You don’t have to go without your favorite foods or traditions. You can say “yes” to them and keep yourself on track. No guilt, no shame, just good food, good times, and a mindset that is oriented towards balance.

The first step in having a mindful holiday, is to prepare for indulgences.

  • Eat light the day before.
  • Start the day with some moderate or vigorous exercise.
  • Fire up your digestion by drinking ginger tea 20 minutes before the meal.
  • Eat your heavier meal in the daylight hours.
  • Eat dessert immediately after the meal.

If you are trying to avoid overeating, try using a smaller plate, and putting your utensil down while chewing.

The second step is to plan your return to balance. Indulgence can trigger more indulgence, so create a plan to resist the urge to continue eating too often and too heavy.

  • Plan to walk at the end of the day of indulgence.
  • Plan a liquid breakfast the morning after.
  • Plan to toss leftovers at the end of the second day.
  • Plan a day or two of cleansing foods in between holiday gatherings. Look at your calendar now and determine what days those will be. Pencil them in!

Make sure you drink lots of water, always, but particularly if your celebrations include alcohol. If you start each day with a big glass of water, and sip warm water throughout the day, you’ll experience better digestion and detoxification.

Sleep is important too! If you lose a good night’s sleep to festivities, plan to make it up to yourself the following day by scheduling an early night. Unplug from screens, have a nice bath, and turn out the lights before 10pm to get the best possible sleep.

May your holidays be merry, mindful, and meaningful.

Much love,