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Transitioning from Summer to Fall

By Paige Bradley-Pecoul

WED SEP 30, 2020

Greetings friends!

Welcome to fall! Have you noticed any shifts in the foods you crave, a need for more sleep, or a sense of feeling more dry or cool? That’s your body easing out of summer mode.

The fall equinox, the official transition, was observed on September 22. In our bodies, this transition does not happen overnight. It takes a few weeks. This period, known as ritu sandhi in Ayurveda, marks an internal shift as well as an external shift. Sometimes this transition can be experienced as a period of feeling scattered, like the fallen leaves blown about by the winds of change.

There are many ways to support yourself and your body during ritu sandhi. It is helpful to recognize that transitions are disorienting and that some disruption is to be expected. Give yourself grace if you feel a bit unmoored. Then, turn your attention to making conscious choices to ground your energy and spirit. The number one way I do this is through oil massage because it is warming, lubricating, and grounding, all the things my body and spirit need now. For more on oil massage, check out this blog post.

Often, if we pause to reflect, we’ll notice our cravings change with the weather. If you take a look at the produce selection at the market, you’ll notice the ways in which nature is trying to satisfy you. Cranberries, dark leafy greens, and pumpkins have arrived on the shelves. In addition to embodying the flavors of fall, these foods help clear accumulated summer heat from the body, and start the process of nourishing the deeper tissue layers that will give you sustained energy through the winter. Favor these foods, as well as root vegetables, sweet and heavy fruits (think bananas and mangoes), and beans and lentils cooked with warming spices.

Other ways to ease the transition and support the body during cooler months:

  • Eat warm, cooked foods. Avoid cold, raw foods.
  • Establish regular mealtimes. Avoid prolonged fasting.
  • Sip warm water between meals and throughout the day.
  • Start to ease your bedtime back to adjust to the increased need for rest in winter.
  • Use a neti pot to flush the sinuses as a protection from viruses and allergens. Follow with oil in the nose (nasya) to prevent dryness.

Consciously transitioning from one season to the next is deeply supportive to the nervous system and builds immunity.

If you are interested in living in deeper alignment with the seasons and in deeper connection to your body, I can help you. In my course, Yoga for LIFE, I teach people to tap into their inner wisdom, to access their healing potential, and to live consciously. There are a few spots left in our October cohort. If you want to see if it’s a fit for you, schedule a one on one consultation with me.

Take care of yourselves, y'all,