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Yoga for LIFE

By Paige Bradley-Pecoul

FRI SEP 13, 2019

Yoga for LIFE

The ancient yogis knew that we are not apart from nature, but rather, a part of nature. They spent their days observing and attuning to the rhythm of the earth and sky, observing where the elements they saw outside of themselves could be found inside of themselves. They lived in harmony with the rhythms and the elements, and we can too. When we do, we optimize our bodies, and therefore our health. Simple practices, like rising early and eating primarily in the daylight hours, can have a dramatic effect on how well we digest our food and how deeply we rest at night, in turn having an effect on how well we feel on any given day..

Modern life has shifted us away from our intuitive nature, which would sense when it is time to wake by the light of the sun, and would sense when it is time to retire for the evening by the darkness around us. We aren’t receiving our body’s signals. It is as if nature is attuned to one frequency and we are attuned to another. The result of this lack of communication is a fracturing of our energy and vitality, which is the root cause of a wide variety of dis-eases of the gut, nervous system and immune system.

Luckily for us, Ayurveda has preserved for us the vision of what a life in tune to the rhythm of nature looks and feels like. This ancient science of life (Ayur-life, Veda-knowledge) holds the key to open the door to our return to living in harmony with nature, reclaiming our health and wellness, and aligning ourselves to the radiant longevity that is our birthright.

We are designed to thrive. Our bodies are immensely intelligent. Our consciousness can attune to nature’s signals and heal our fractured systems. Receiving nature's wisdom requires slowing down and reconnecting to our bodies. Little by little we can start to reorient ourselves towards thrive. Little by little we can start to experience ourselves as more vibrant, healthy, fully alive human beings.

The 10 daily habits of yogis will attune your signal to the right channel. When you dial them in, you dial in a way of life that supports daily regeneration, as opposed to the daily degeneration of a life out of tune. You stand to gain improved digestion and absorption of nutrients, deep restful sleep, higher levels of energy, improved mental focus and clarity, and a high functioning immune system. You can return to a sense of ease in your body that will spill over into greater ease in your work and your relationships, as well as a deeper connection to yourself.

The habits themselves are simple. The process of shifting into them is best supported by a loving guide and the momentum of a group of people moving in the same direction. That is why I am creating a new course, Yoga for LIFE, beginning in January 2020. This course will bring the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda and mix it with modern habit science to help you cultivate a daily routine that supports:

Longevity- live longer, age well, enjoy mobility throughout the aging process.

Integrity-live in integrity with your bodies needs and make lifestyle choices that support thrive

Fulfillment- experience deep nourishment for your body, mind and spirit

Ease- experience less stress in your life and your body, eliminate decision fatigue by creating an automated habit system

We will work together to uncover where you are out of tune, and how to listen for the signals you are missing from your body. I will help you identify which shifts feel most important, and then how to create a plan to make them happen. This course is designed to reorient you towards thrive with small habit shifts that become a new normal over time. Layering in small shift after small shift creates lasting, transformational change.

Lasting change takes time to implement so this course lasts one year. Each quarter will have a period of orientation, followed by a week with each habit, followed by a period of reflection. You will have four opportunities for evolution in the year. That’s four opportunities to go deeper into the landscape of your habit evolution, to uproot the weeds of outdated and limiting behaviors, and plant and nurture new seeds of identity evolution, connection, and alignment.

This is potent. This is yoga off the mat. This is Yoga for LIFE.

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