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Your Future Self

By Paige Bradley-Pecoul

WED NOV 18, 2020

“The best thing about the future is it comes one day at a time.” Abraham Lincoln

Where you are today is a result of all the choices you have made until now, and your current habits. Your future will be the result of what you do next, and whether or not you change your habits. Your future body, your future health, and your future self are riding on your current choices.

Look into your future. Who do you want to be? What kind of body do you live in? What kind of energy do you carry? How do you show up for yourself and others? Spend some time with your future self. Get to know her. What kind of habits does she have?

Do you want to thrive in body, mind, and spirit? Your present self will need to take conscious steps to make that happen. Those steps include committing to your future self, investing in her, aligning your choices to your vision of her, and leaning into the support of a group of women doing the same work.

In Yoga for LIFE, we focus on cultivating daily health promoting habits including nourishment, sleep and movement. We use the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda to embed these habits in daily rhythm that is deeply rejuvenating, and soul satisfying. In the process, we unearth patterns of self sabotage, and empower each other to evolve beyond those patterns.

My life is not without its challenges. Layer the collective traumas of 2020 atop these personal struggles, and you have a recipe for overwhelm and dis-ease. Yet, I remain grounded and steadfast. I credit these habits for my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual stamina.

Through Yoga for LIFE you will learn to live in steadiness and ease.

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Deep bow,


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