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Yoga for LIFE (Pay Deposit)

Enrollment for the October cohort is now open! We begin October 14th.

Yoga for LIFE is a one year health coaching program rooted in Ayurveda and the 10 habits of yogis. The course will take it's members on a journey towards a lifestyle that supports daily rejuvenation, deep body integrity, and alignment with nature's rhythm. We begin where each person is, and together create slow sustainable shifts that add up to transformational change over time.

Subscribe to learn more about how the habits of yogis could contribute to greater health and vitality for you. Improve your sleep, digestion, immune system function and gain access to energy, clarity, and purpose by adopting a way of life that is in tune with nature's rhythm.

To learn more, visit the blog: https://www.pbpyoga.com/blog/yoga-for-life

You can also read more here: https://www.pbpyoga.com/pages/yoga-health-coaching

Free consultations available. Click here to reach out and schedule yours: https://www.pbpyoga.com/offerings/book?offering=e045f3f9-fe98-45b1-bde1-61db2afc660e

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