"The habits we practice in this course, guided by the most amazing and heartfelt leader, Paige, have helped me to live more fully awake. Paige and the Yoga For LIFE community have been a saving-grace through this time of uncertainty in the world we live in. This course has taught me to pause, breathe, and show myself some compassion, love and understanding. If you feel like you have been sleep-walking through your own life, this course is for YOU. " Rena W.

"Y4L has been the ultimate blessing in my life. I will be forever grateful that Paige and I met right when I needed her the most! I’m not great with my words but I love my new tribe in Y4L and I love Paige for bringing new light in my life 😘" Sarah T.

"I didn't know how much I needed this class. I wasn't sure I would find the time, but I have, and now I am taking better care of myself. Because of this, I am a better person mentally and physically, and I am sharing this growth with others by being a more enlightened family member and friend. My fellow yogis are supportive and open to learning and growing with me. Paige is a wise and knowledgeable guide on our journey with Yoga for LIFE. I am very grateful I decided to take this class and am better for it!" Stephanie B.

"Yoga for LIFE has made such a difference in my life." -Emily K

"I feel awake, aware and love my mental and physical changes." Sue D.

"Based on my medical history, Paige developed a personalized action plan to help me regain my strength and reach my personal goals. Her extensive knowledge of her craft allows her to make the necessary changes needed when I am physically having a rough day. She has taught me many yoga techniques that I can incorporate into my daily routine to ease the stress and pain in my body. Paige embodies the true spirit of a yogi. She is attentive, patient and kind but she also knows when you need to be challenged and pushed. I truly look forward to and enjoy our sessions. Beginning sessions with Paige is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my mental and physical health. It’s truly been a pleasure working with her and an awesome journey to better living!" -Chantelle R

"Yoga can be a very vulnerable and exposing experience. Paige, through her intentionality and thoughtfulness, allowed me to feel welcomed into a new inviting space while challenging me to push beyond my comfort zone. Her guidance through breathing and movements and intense stretching has allowed my body to heal from years of built up tension and helped open the door for me to have the necessary tools to take into my workspace and home to pause, focus on my body position and my breath. I walk away from sessions with Paige feeling cared for, calm and more capable." -Kim G

"Paige is one of the best yoga teachers that I have had the pleasure to know. When I was new to the practice, she made me feel welcome and motivated me to challenge myself.  I enjoy her teaching style, her peaceful vibe, and her insightful interpretations of yoga teachings/literature. She is intelligent, knowledgeable, and skilled at her craft. She offers the right amount of support and encouragement that allows me to spiritually grow as a person and strengthen both my body and my mind. I always prioritize taking Paige's classes... not only because she is my favorite teacher, but because I know that I will leave class feeling balanced, serene, and inspired." -Michelle M 

I have been taking Mrs. Pecoul's yoga classes for a few years and even though I'm not in town too often, I have seen progress aided by her instruction. The movements and poses are explained simply, clearly, and as deeply as a student needs in order to progress at their own pace. Her teachings have opened new ways for me to train flexibility, balance, strength, and mindfulness. Not only are the classes as challenging as I need them to be, they are also a relaxed, focused environment where I can learn to listen to my body. This transfers well into my sixteen-year TaeKwonDo journey as I continue diving deeper into the art and as health and longevity become more and more important to me. Mrs. Pecoul is an incredible teacher and her guidance in yoga has helped me take my own training to the next level." -Ryan D