Yoga for LIFE is a one year health coaching program rooted in Ayurveda and the 10 habits of yogis. LIFE is an acronym for:



Fulfillment and


If you desire to improve your digestion, immune function, and sleep patterns, be leaner and more energized, claim your health and align with your greater purpose, this course is for you. I am creating a vibrant community of committed people to work with me, and with each other, to evolve into new habits that support greater health and vitality for us all.

Yoga for LIFE is designed to reorient you towards thrive with small habit shifts that become a new normal over time. Layering in small shift after small shift creates transformational change. This is why the course lasts one year. You won't have to make any dramatic changes. This approach is one of curiosity, experimentation, and pacing the changes to make them last.

The ancient yogis knew that we are not apart from nature, but rather, a part of nature. When we attune ourselves to nature's rhythm we optimize our bodies, and therefore our health. Simple practices, like rising early and eating primarily in the daylight hours, can have a dramatic effect on how well we digest our food, and how deeply we rest at night, which will have a dramatic effect on the rest of our lives. Modern life has shifted you away from your intuitive nature, which would support these habits with ease. I will support you in rediscovering your innate knowing, while cultivating a daily habit system that shifts your energy to align with nature and give you access to more - more energy, more clarity, more time, and a more harmonious, connected way of living.

The course is structured in 14 week sessions. You will make your way through 3 sessions. That's three opportunities for evolution. Each session will have a period of intention setting, a week with each of the ten habits, a group session with an Ayurvedic practitioner, and a period of reflection. Each session is an opportunity to tweak what isn't working, and to move towards habit automation, as well as deeper levels of self honesty.. By the end of one year, you will have arrived at a new way of living that supports your daily rejuvenation. You will be making the choices to stick to the habits naturally and with ease.

In addition to sleeping better, having more energy, and connecting to a deeper more intuitive side of yourself, you will be come part of a dynamic community of people investing in reorienting themselves. They support you, and you support them.

Each session will welcome new members. You will always have a mirror to look into to see your progress, and a way to look ahead and see what is in store. The course members who started before you can assure you that you are moving in the right direction and support you by sharing experiences and tips. The course members who arrive after you can expect the same from you. Their trust in your journey will inspire you to stay the course. You become a leader and a role model in a supportive community, while being supported and inspired. The group dynamics fuel your evolution.

You will evolve. In this community, we move out of the limiting beliefs that have kept us static. We embrace new ideas and new ways of being in the name of growth. We embrace habit evolution, and identity evolution.

Course Logistics and Tuition Information:

There are 3 course start dates for 2021. They are January 13, May 5, and August 25.

Tuition for the course is $2800. Spaces are limited. A $400 deposit* is required to secure your spot. Payment plans are available. For those who pay in full before the course start date, the $400 deposit is waived, lowering the course tuition to $2400.

What is included with tuition:
  • A weekly 90 minute online group coaching session via ZOOM. Recordings will be made available within 24 hours. Recordings can be downloaded and kept indefinitely.
  • A 20 minute private coaching gym twice per session (6 total). Recordings will also be available if requested.
  • A weekly video download of a yoga or habit practice relative to the habit we are cultivating.
  • Monthly unlimited membership the PBP Yoga virtual studio including live weekly classes and a library of recordings ($1300 value).
  • A digital copy of Cate Stillman's Body Thrive book.
  • Access to Cate Stillman's Body Thrive Resource Hub which holds over 40 lessons on the habits, habit evolution, and Ayurveda.
  • Access to a private group forum where I will share resources and we can have ongoing conversations.
  • My unwavering commitment to your growth and evolution.


  • Discounted admission to all of yoga classes, workshops, and events held online, and in person events ( $1400 value).
  • Admission to two seasonal cleanses, one in the Spring, and one in the fall. ($600 value).
  • Three group calls with an Ayurvedic practitioner ($300 value).
  • Two Ayurvedic cooking classes ($300 value).
  • Admission to my annual Winter Solstice Ceremony ($50 value).

Are you curious if Yoga for LIFE is a fit for you? I would love to have a conversation with you about it. Reach out to schedule a free consultation.

Know someone who is ready for this type of evolution? Refer a friend for a free consultation. If they sign up for Yoga for LIFE, you receive $100 to use as course credit or cash.

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May you be well!